Candy Bouquet


7 -  3/16” x 12” wooden dowels #7718 7534or bamboo chopsticks

6 -  Candy bars/bags

12 – 10”x 10” Red Cellophane squares #7750 8242

6 – 10” x 10” Iridescent Tissue squares #7790 0639

6 - 10” x 10”  Green Cellophane squares #7750 8259

3 – 3” x 1” Styrofoam discs #7796 3470

Tin quart can #16067

12” x 4 5/8” Printed Cardstock to wrap can

3” x  4 5/8” Cardstock for can wrap (brown)

2 Ύ” x  4 3/8” Cardstock for can wrap (pink)

Large Valentine Heart Sticker

Cardstock slightly larger than the sticker

4” x 4 ½” Pink Cardstock for heart sentiment

Double stick tape #3001 3283

Clear Packing tape/scotch tape

Pop Up Dots #3000 1511

Black fine tip marker #91029

Paper shreds




Low temp Glue Gun and Glue sticks




Making the flowers:

Place the bag of candy/candy bar in front of you face down (nutritional info facing up) Place the dowel or chopstick in the middle going only halfway up. Use clear packing tape or scotch tape to adhere the stick to the candy. Make sure the candy is securely on the stick. Repeat with all of the candies and set aside.


Take a 10” red square of cellophane and fold in half twice. Next fold it in half again, making a triangular wedge. Cut the open edges into a curve. Make a tiny snip at the bottom point. Open up the cellophane. There should be a tiny hole in the middle and the edges should be curvy like a doily. Repeat for all of the red and iridescent cellophanes. For the green cellophanes, just make the tiny snip for the hole in the middle.


Place the stick with the candy into the hole of a red cello. Slide the cello up stopping about an inch away form the bottom of the candy. Twist the cello to make it “scrunch”. Using the clear scotch tape, tape the cello tightly around the stick. Repeat with an iridescent cello and then another red cello. Lastly repeat with the green cello. This makes one flower. Repeat these steps with the rest of the candy sticks.



Wrap the 12” x printed cardstock around the tin can and adhere with double stick tape. Center and layer the 2 Ύ” x 3” cardstock over the 3” x “ cardstock and adhere. Center over the opening left on the tin can and adhere with double stick tape. Place the large heart sticker on a cardstock. Cut out from the cardstock leaving a 1/8” border.  Center and adhere to the layered cardstock on the can with Pop Dots.


Stack the Styrofoam discs on top of each other and glue together. Glue the stack to the inside of the tin can. Stick the candy flowers into the discs. Alter the heights of the candies to make it look like a floral arrangement.


Trace and cut out the heart from pink cardstock. Use the marker to write “For My Sweetie” on the heart. Tape the heart to the remaining dowel/stick. Stick between the candy flowers. Place shreds at the bottom of the sticks to hide the Styrofoam.




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