Candy Magnet

Project by Lynn



1)  One package brown Hearty clay

2)  One clear 5/8”red charm heart from Valentine garland

3)  Brown or bronze glitter

4)  Paper candy cup liner (1-1/4”diameter)

5)  Clear paper glue (Mono Aqua)

6)  Sheet or strip magnet

7)  Terrifically Tacky Tape



1)  Button shank cutter or heavy duty scissors





1)  Shape a 1-1/4” square ‘candy’ from the Hearty clay.

2)  Cut the loop off the plastic heart charm.

3)  Embed the charm into the Hearty clay ‘candy’.

4)  After the clay is dry, apply a thin coat of glue around the candy shape taking care not to get it on the charm.

5)  Sprinkle the glitter onto the ‘candy’.

6)  When the glitter is attached, glue the ‘candy’ into the paper liner.

7)  With the tape, adhere a piece of magnet strip or sheet to the bottom of the paper candy cup.



2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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