Candy Stick Bags with Toppers


Clear Candy Stick Bag 1” x 8” #30118820
Small filler candies like M&Ms
2 qty. 3” Cardstock – white for stamping
2 qty. 3” Cardstock for scallop circles
Small stamp designs, ink pads and coloring tools, pens and markers
Meriken Double Stick Tape
2” Circle Punch (Blue) #30028738
2.5” Scallop Circle Punch (Pink) #30028755




Stamp and color in image using markers, pens etc.on one white cardstock. Center in the opening of the 2” circle punch and cut out. Punch a 2” circle out of the other white cardstock and stamp another design or write a message on top.
Punch out two scallop circles from cardstock (printed or solid) using the 2.5” scallop circle punch.
Center the stamped 2” circles onto the scallop circles and tape in place. These are the toppers.
Fill the candy stick bag with candies and seal the top closed. Take the two toppers and place the top of the filled candy stick bag in between them. Tape together.

Note: You can use many other shapes and/or tags for the candy stick bag toppers based on your theme. Be creative and have fun!




2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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