Carnation Bear


2 qty. Carnation Flower – Cream #30109327
1 qty. Pom Pom Mum Stem- Cream #30092721
2 qty. 25mm Moving eyes #30055161
1 qty. 1/2” Black pom pom #30006968
Green Floral tape #77479402
Ribbon for a bow
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
Sharp Scissors



Take the two carnation flowers and slightly bend the heads forward.
Hold the two flowers together with their heads pushed together side by side. Use a little glue on the petals to glue the flower heads together, side by side. Hold the two stems together and wrap the green floral tape around both, joining them together to make one stem.
Pull off the three flower heads from the pom pom mum stem. Place one in the center of the two carnations for the muzzle and glue in place. Take one of the remaining pom pom mum and place at the top of the joined carnation heads on the left side. Glue in place for the ear.
Place the other pom pom mum on the right side for the other ear, glue in place. Place the two moving eyes above the muzzle a
Tie the ribbon around the stem under the bear head and make a bow.


2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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