Carnation Bunny


Ivy Bowl
4 Carnation stems (white)
Stem Wrap Tape #77479402
Acetate Ribbon 3/8” wide (3 colors)
Wiggly Eyes, 10mm #77660886
1 Pom Pom Black 1/4” #30007004
Colored Foam “Rainbow Foam” Powder
Glue Gun


Layer your colors of the rainbow foam powder in the ivy bowl.

Arrange 4 carnations close together forming head, mussle and on either side.

Wrap stem tape around stems to hold carnations together. Trim stems to leave about 4” to stick in colored foam. Glue eyes and nose.

Cut out pink and white felt into bunny ear shapes. Glue together and stick on head.

Tie ribbons to make collar and decorate ears.

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