Carrot Treat Box


1 qty. 6” x 10” Orange Cardstock for carrot
Approximately 2 yds. of Green curling ribbon
1 qty. 1” x 2 ” Cardstock for label
3/16” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013283
1/8” Hole Punch #77178541
Rubber stamps and ink or markers for message
Accu Cut die cutting machine*
Accu Cut die - # BX116CJ Box– Pyramid #4 (3-D)*

*Note: Accu Cut Die cutting machine and dies are available for use at our Ben Franklin Crafts stores. There is no fee for use if the paper being cut has been purchased from our stores. Check with stores for details.




Cut out the pyramid box shape for the orange cardstock using the Accu Cut die cutting machine and die.
Crease where indicated and apply double stick along the tab and form the pyramid box shape. Center the 1/8” hole punch on the square lid. Fold over one of the side flaps to make it easier to center the punch.
Curl the length of green curling ribbon. Bundle together and take a short length of ribbon and tie together at the center. Take the ends of the tie and thread through the punched hole, coming out to the inside. Make several knots to secure the ribbon to the box, cut off the excess ribbon ends.
Stamp or write a message on the 1” x 2 ” cardstock. Slip through the slots on the”carrot” Fill carrot with treats and close lid.




2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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