Cash Box Purse


  • Unfinished wood Cigar Box (#3001 6056)

  • 2 –  28 mm wood Pony Beads – Walnut (#3000 0730)

  • 20” of 16 Gauge wire (#7718 7104)

  • 1.5 yd. of Needleloft Black Metallic Cord (#7760 9123)

  • 2 pieces of 9”x 9”  “Jackpot” Fabric (#3002 0906)

  • All Purpose Sealer (#7785 5619)

  • Black Acrylic Paint (#7762 4890)

  • Gold Acrylic Paint (#7762 5673)

  • Satin Varnish (#7762 8081)

  • 2 pieces of 10”x10” Black Mulberry w/ Gold Fiber (#3001 2156)

  • Yuzen 4 – pk. – Red Asst. (#7762 7067)

  • Mini Playing Cards (#3001 6920)

  • Mini Dice (#3001 6921)

  • 5mm Sequin – multi (#3000 6062)

  • 5mm Sequins - Black (#3000 6061)

  • “In the Money” Jesse James Buttons (#7777 4166)

  • Jolee’s Stickers – Las Vegas (#3001 6621)

  • Nostalgiques Stickers – Fun & Games (#3001 6646)

  • “Games of Chance” Blue Moon Charms (#3000 2921)

  • Scraps of Fibers – red, black

  • Tacky Glue (#7760 9875)

  • E-6000 Glue (#7753 6409)

  • Foam Brush (#7752 7499)

  • Wire cutter


Stand the wooden cigar box up on its side with the hinge side down and the latch side up. Place each 28mm wooden pony bead on its side on the wider half of the cigar box, about 1.5” from the outer edge. Line the bead up with the edge of the opening slit. Use the E-6000 glue to adhere to the box. Make sure you do not get any glue in the opening slit. Let dry.

Prep your wooden cigar box, inside and out, with a light coat of All Purpose sealer. Let dry. Paint the inside edges with the black acrylic paint. Let Dry. Paint the outer sides of the cigar box with the black acrylic paint. Let dry. Dry-sponge gold paint over the black paint. Let dry.

To line the inside of the box, take a square of fabric and place inside the one side of the box. Turn raw edges under and finger press. Glue in place with tacky glue. Repeat with the other fabric and for the other side of the box.

To decorate the outside of the box, place a mulberry sheet over one side of the box. Carefully tear the edges for a feathery effect. Carefully glue the mulberry paper to the box edges with the tacky glue. Repeat for the other side of the box 

Decorate the outside of the cigar box by layering the yuzen paper and mulberry paper. Embellish with the mini cards, mini dice, 3-D stickers and charms. Add a touch of glitz by gluing on sequins.

To make the purse handles – carefully slip each end of the wire into the holes of the pony beads. Shape the wire into a handle. Twist the ends of the wire on each end to secure. Cut off the excess wire. Knot one end of black metallic cord onto one end of the handle. Wrap the cord around the wire tightly. Continue until the entire handle is wrapped. Knot the cord on the end of the handle. Cut off excess cord. Tie on scraps of fibers around the bottom of the handle to hide the knots and to add a finishing touch to your “cash box” purse!

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