Caterpillar Album


2 qty. 6” x 6” cardstock (color of choice)

3 qty. 2 ” x 2 ” printed paper

2 qty. 2 5/8” x 2 5/8” printed paper

 Punches, rubberstamps, scraps of cardstock/printed paper, stickers for embellishing



Double stick tape 30013283

Fine tip black marker (or any color) for journaling


Pattern Instructions1

Pattern Insructions2





Fold both each cardstock as described:

1) Lay one of the cardstocks down in front of you. Fold it in half side to side. Crease, then unfold.

2) Now fold it in half top to bottom, crease well and unfold.

3) Turn the cardstock over, then fold it in half diagonally. Crease this fold, then unfold.

4) Turn the cardstock over again and lay it out so it matches the diagram. Press down on the center of the card. The corners will pop up just a bit.

5) Bring the top corner down to meet the bottom corner. Push the two side corners in so they meet in the center.

6) Take both cardstocks and adhere the 2 shaded panels in the diagram together with double stick tape (both panels should align with each other).


Adhere the 3 2 ” x 2 ” printed papers onto each square space of the album (you can use some or all of the papers of your choice). Cut each of the 2 5/8” x 2 5/8” printed papers in half diagonally so you end up with 4 triangle cut papers. You can use these as background paper in the triangle spaces of the album.


Personalize your album with drawings/journalings, punches, rubberstamps, stickers, photos, etc.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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