Celestial Bangle Bracelet


18g wire – length of wrist
22g wire – about 20-25 inches for wraps
10-12 qty. 4mm bicones – color of your choice
1 large focal bead (hole must go from top to bottom)

Flush Cutter
Chain Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Rubber Hammer
Rubber Bench Block

*Wire wrapping skills are helpful.




1. Take 18g wire and measure wrist, add about half an inch and cut off. Using a circular prop from home (example: shampoo bottle, soda can) wrap your 18g wire around to make the circle shape.
2. Take your round nose pliers and create a loop on each end of the 18g wire. Gently harden your wire bangle form by using the rubber hammer and rubber bench block.
3. Next, take your large focal bead and a piece of the 22 gauge wire, wire wrap to attach it to each loop of the newly hardened bangle.
4. Attach one end of the 22g wire next to one end of the bangle, slip on a bicone and create a half-circle and attach it by wrapping securely twice.
5. Use your 22g wire to attach the rest of the bicones to the bangle in an alternating wave pattern and secure between each wrap.




2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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