Cello Treat Bags


1 qty. 4” x 9 ” Cardstock – printed (suggest double sided)

1 qty. Small 4” x 9” x 2 ” Clear Cello Bag #77970046

1 qty. 8” of ” ribbon or similar

Paper Creaser #30003744

1/8” Hole Punch #77178541



Optional - Corner Rounder #30068369




Optional: Use the corner rounder to round each of the four corners.


From one of the 4” edges of the cardstock measure in and score at 1 ”. Then measure in and score at 3 ”. Fold up at the first crease to form the bottom of the bag insert.


Open up the cello bag and place the cardstock inside the bag with the back against the middle seam if there is one (clear bags). The bottom of the bag insert should be centered over the bottom of the clear bag.


Place your treats inside of the bag.


Fold over the top of the bag towards the back. Use the 1/8” hole punch to make two holes at the top through all thicknesses, about 1” apart. Thread both ends of the ribbon through the holes, going front to back. Cross over at the back and have each end come out through holes to the front. Pull taut to secure. Trim ribbon ends.


Other options:

You can use solid cardstock and printed cello bags.

You can stamp or add decorations to the front of the cardstock bag insert.

You can attach a tag with a message to the ribbon.

You can staple the top closed and glue dot a bow to cover the staple.

And many more ideas!



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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