Ceramic Pig


Mini Ceramic Piggy Bank #30069303

Acrylic Paint, your color choice

DecoColor Paint Pen – Black Fine #77659409

DecoColor Paint Pens – Assorted colors

5mm Rhinestones – multi #30000561

7mm Rhinestones – multi #30000570

E-6000 Glue #77525881

Optional: Other embellishments 

NOTE: Sample shown was painted with Delta Cermacoat Pink Quartz/Rose Quartz #77630095. There are also two larger sizes of piggy banks available. 


1” Foam Brush #10109 


Remove the stopper at the bottom of the piggy bank. Paint the piggy bank with the paint color of your choice. Set aside to dry. 

Use a black fine tip DecoColor pain t pen to color in the piggy’s feet and ears. Draw in its eyes, snout and curly tail. 

Use assorted color of DecoColor Paint pens to personalize your piggy bank. Draw a name, word or phrase of your choice. You can also draw and doodle different designs. The sample shown is decorated with flowers, swirls and stars. Another sample was painted to resemble a basketball. 

Glue on the rhinestones and other embellishments to accent your designs. 

NOTE: Don’t forget to let the paint dry between painting and decorating. 

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