Charmtastic Bracelet


Assorted acrylic flower beads and leaves
Assorted crystal bicones 4mm & 6mm
4mm round silver plated beads 
2” eye pins SKU 30102583
2” head pins SKU 30102581
Charms SKU 30124424
Charm bracelet SKU 30124425

Tools needed:
Wire cutter
Round nose plier



1. Start by threading either a 2” headpin or 2” eyepin through a bicone , acrylic flower bead, leaf and 4mm round bead. (see photo). Repeat step 1 to make as many clusters as necessary to fill charm bracelet.
2. Lay bracelet out and position clusters against bracelet.
3. Wire wrap clusters to bracelet and cut excess wire using wire cutters



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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