Cheesecloth Ghost


1 package of cheesecloth
Fabric Stiffener
Plastic bag or bowl
Plastic Soda/Water Bottle
3” Styrofoam Ball or
2 pieces of 20 gauge floral wire
Masking Tape
Plastic Wrap
2 –20 mm Moving Eyes
Optional: Plastic spiders, bugs etc.


Tape the Styrofoam ball to the top of the bottle cap. Or form a ball from scratch paper and tape to the bottle cap. Wrap one end of the floral wire around the neck of the bottle. Bend in the other end and shape wire as desired for arms. Repeat with the other wire on the other side for the other arm. This is your ghost frame.

Drape the ghost frame figure in plastic wrap. Cut cheesecloth into strips double the height of your ghost frame and about 1” x 2” wide.

There are two methods to covering the cheesecloth strips with fabric stiffener. You can pour fabric stiffener in a bowl and dip strips in the liquid. Or a less messy way is to place fabric stiffener and cheesecloth strips into a plastic bag. You can work the stiffener into the cheesecloth from outside of the bag.

When cheesecloth is completely covered with fabric stiffener, place strips over the plastic covered ghost frame. Place your strips at different angles to add more detailed interest to your ghost. Continue adding strips until the ghost frame is completely covered. Set aside to dry.

When the ghost is completely dry, remove from the plastic covered frame. Cheesecloth should be stiff and be able to stand alone. Glue on the two moving eyes. For added detail, glue on small spiders and bugs onto the ghost. Display on a table top with spider webs or attach a hanger and hang from the ceiling.

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