Chenille Daisy


18 gauge floral wire #77479279

Green floral tape #77479402

3-4 qty. Bump Chenille stems in color of choice

Stamen in coordinating color



Optional: Floral leaves



1. Separate the stamen so that you have 4-5 pieces. Gather together and fold in half, attach to top of floral wire with floral tape. This is your flower’s center.


2. Fold the ends of a chenille bump stem to meet in the middle. Wind thread around so that the ends are tied to the middle of the chenille. Fold in the middle to create 2 petals. Repeat and make 3-4 petal sets.


3. Center the middle of one set of petals to the flower center. Wind thread around to attach together. Center another set of petals and attach the same way. Continue until all 4 petals sets are attached to the flower center.


4. Using floral tape, cover the bottom of the completed flower to hide the ends. Continue covering floral wire and attach leaves as desired. Fluff petals & separate to create a flower.


Tips: Make more petal sets to create a fuller flower.  



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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