Cherish Baby Card


1)      5” x 6-5/8” Mrs. Grossman blank glossy pink card with white border

2)      4-1/2” x 5-1/2” white cardstock

3)      Baby words rubber stamp ( Personal Stamp Exchange)

4)      ‘Cherish’ rubber stamp (Hero Arts special words set)

5)      Versa Magic ink pads (spring pansy, Aspen mist)

6)      Three 1” wooden clothes pins

7)      6” white Artistic Wire (22 gauge)

8)      2” x 2” printed pastel papers (assorted)

9)      Small solid color paper scraps

10)  Double stick tape (Scotch or Heiko)

11)  MonoAqua glue

12)  Three 1/2”Pop Dots (All Night Media)


1)      Fiskar scallop edge scissors

2)      Awl or large needle

3)      Three mini paper punches (bear, duck, star)

4)      Purple color pencil

5)      Pencil

6)      Scissors



1)      Using the scallop edged scissors, cut around the white cardstock.

2)      With the baby words rubber stamp and the Aspen mist ink pad, stamp all over the white cardstock.

3)      Print off a copy of the baby clothes patterns and cut them out.

4)      Trace the patterns onto the printed pastel papers and cut the clothes out.

5)      Use the purple pencil to make stitch lines all around each outfit.

6)      Punch out the tiny designs from the solid paper scraps and glue them onto the clothes.

7)      Use the purple color pencil to draw in details on the punched out designs.

8)      With the awl make two holes in the scalloped stamped white cardstock about 1” from the top and ”from either side.

9)      Put one end of the wire through a hole in the white scalloped cardstock and twist around the back to secure (tape if necessary).

10)  String the clothes pins onto the wire and insert the end into the other hole in the cardstock and fasten in the back.

11)  Stamp the word ‘Cherish’ in spring pansy ink on the lower part of the scalloped cardstock.

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