Cherry Blossom Lantern

4 qty. 4” x 6” Wood Photo Frames – black or brown*
8 qty. 4” x 6” Medium Wt. Vellum – White #77188862
1 qty. 12”x 12” Brown Cardstock for branches
1 qty. 6” x 12” Cardstocks in 2 – 3 shades of Pink for flowers 1 qty. 6” x12” Lt. Green Cardstock for leaves
4 qty. Wooden Craft sticks #77676403
4 qty. 1” Wooden Ball Knob for feet #77613000
Black Acrylic Paint #77128231
Sakura Quickie Glue Pen #30051737
3/16” Meriken Double Stick Tape #30013283
E-6000 glue#1096239 or similar Battery Operated Tea Light Candle #30058141

Optional: Rubbing alcohol to clean the glass

NOTE: Make sure that the frames have moldings that extend at least 3/16” over the glass on the outside. The moldings will hide the tape used to adhere the piece to the inner glass.

Sizzix Big Shot Die Cutting Machine #30083658
Sizzix Sizzlets Die – Branch, flowers & Leaves #3091263
1” foam brush #10109
 X-acto Knife to cut craft sticks #77504092



Preparing the lantern pieces -


Remove the backing, paper insert and cardboard from each frame. Remove the glass and carefully clean the glass. Dry completely.

Use one of the craft sticks to apply a thin line of E6000 glue inside of the frame’s moulding. Place the clean glass back into the frame and glue place. Set aside to let the glue dry. Repeat these steps for all four frames.

Paint all four wooden ball knobs with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.


Decorating the panels –


 Following the manufacturer’s instructions, use the Big Shot die cutting machine and the branch w/ flowers and leaves die, cut out four sets of branches and flowers and leaves. Each set should have two branches and flowers in 2 -3 shades of pink. The number of flowers and leaves you use is your choice.

Take a 4”x 6” vellum sheet. Lay the branches across and trim off any excess. Glue the branches to the vellum with the glue pen. Using the pictured sample as a guide, place the flowers and leaves onto the branches. Glue the in place with the glue pen.

Take the 3/16” double stick tape and place along the top edge of the vellum and along the two side edges. Make sure that you are evenly aligned to the edge of the vellum. Remove protective backing on the tape. Carefully place another sheet of vellum over the piece, matching the edges perfectly. Now, place the 3/16” double stick tape along all four edges of this vellum cover, making sure you are aligned with the edge. Remove the protective covering of the tape. Carefully place the decorated vellum piece onto the glass inside a frame. Repeat these steps to make the other three panels.


 Putting the Lantern together –


Stand two of the frames upright and perpendicular to each other, matching the edges. Use the E6000 glue to adhere the frames together. Place the other two frames in the same manner and glue all four frames together to form the lantern shape. Let glue set.

Use the X-acto knife to trim the ends of the remaining three craft sticks to fit across the inside of the lantern. Rest the sticks along the inner bottom molding of two frames facing each other. Space them evenly apart. Glue ends in place on the molding. This will be where you place the battery operated T-Lite candle

Place a painted wood ball knob under each corner of the lantern. Glue in place for the lantern feet.

Switch on battery operated T-Lite candle and place inside the lantern.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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