Cherry Blossom Note Holder


4” x 1.5” pink Foamie 77613596

2” x 1” lt. green Foamie 77613570

1 qty. Chenille stem-brown 77674085

1 qty. wooden clothespin 30075513

Patio Paint-Woodland brown 30000022

2” magnet strip 30055172

Stickles-pink 30014986

Gold 30014977





1” foam brush 10109

Low temp. glue gun & glue sticks



Paint the wooden clothespin with Patio Paint using the foam brush. Let dry.


Trace and cut out pieces from Foamies according to the patterns.


Fold the chenille stem in half and twist both ends together. Wrap about 1” of the ends together around the open end of the clothespin and glue twisted chenille stem in place on top of the flat surface of the clothespin. This will be the branch. You can bend the chenille stem slightly to make it look more like a branch before gluing it in place. You should have about 1” of the chenille stem extending out from above the open end of the clothespin.


Evenly space out the leaves on top of the chenille stem and glue them in place (you can make the leaves face different directions).


Glue a flower on top of the chenille stem next to each leaf, slightly overlapping each leaf.


Glue the magnet strip on the opposite side of the clothespin.


Add some dots into the center of each flower with the gold Stickles to make stamens. Outline each flower with the pink Stickles. Let dry.


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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