Chip off the Old Block

Supplies (all vintaj findings)
Patina (30131901)
Hook & Eye pin (30131146)
Bracelet form (30131143)
Chain (30131122)
Eye pin (qty: 3 bags 30
Earring form (30131125)
French Ear wire (30131132)
Gemstone Chips (any color of your choosing)
Crystals (any color of your choosing)

Tools (all vintaj tools)
Cutter (30123684)
Round nose pliers (30123679)
Paint brush (any of your choosing)
Sanding block (30122608)
Embossing folder (30128569)
Big shot OR vintaj die cut machine (either will work)



1. Paint patina on the metal earring form and let dry.
2. Use the sanding block to sand off some patina to expose the metal design
3. Add turquoise chips (2) to eye pin
4. Using round-nose pliers to form a loop and attach to french ear wire
5. Add crystal (1) to eye pin
6. Using round-nose pliers to form a loop and attach to the bottom loop of the gemstone chip
7. Attach metal earring form to the bottom loop of the crystal piece


1. Metal bracelet form:
   a. Emboss bracelet base with embossing plate (do half at a time)
   b. Using the round-nose pliers, bend metal bracelet form in a wide “U” shape (to contour wrist)
   c. Paint patina on bracelet base and let dry
   d. Use the sanding block to expose the raised design on the bracelet


2. Chain (2 pieces/length depends on size of wrist):
   a. Create bead clusters using eye pins (however many you choose)

     i. Chip, chip

     ii. Crystal

     iii. Chip, crystal
   b. Attach bead clusters to chain (whichever pattern you’d like)


3. Attaching to create bracelet:
   a. Use a jump ring to attach one chain to each side of the metal bracelet form
   b. Attach hook and eye finding near the end of the bracelet leaving some crystal clusters to dangle (approx. 1 inch on each side)



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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