Christmas Bell Necklaces



1 bell necklace

White acrylic paint

Green foamie

Black foamie

Red Origami Paper

2 qty. black 3.9 flatback crystal

3 qty. red 3.2 flatback crystal

1 sponge brush

1 orange chenille bump (cut in half)

Double stick tape



Green foamie

Red origami paper

Flesh foamie

Red glitter pom pom

Pink deco paint pen

Black deco paint pen extra fine

2 qty. 7mm wiggly eyes

7 qty. small red jingle bells

Gold stickles

Flesh acrylic paint

1 foam brush

1 bell jingle bell necklace






Scarf - cut green foamie approx 5" x 1/2", nock edges if desired. Apply double stick tape to origami paper and cut into thin strips. Place at equal intervals along front of scarf.


Hat - cut one each - 2" circle, 1-1/4" circle and 1-1/2" x 3-3/4" strip with the black foamie. Cut three small holly shaped leaves with the green foamie.


Paint bell necklace white with the acrylic paint using the sponge brush


Score top and bottom of hat so cording from the bell necklace can pass through. Put hat on snowman.


Glue eyes, nose and scarf.



Paint bell necklace, let dry.


Cut small elf ears with the flesh foamie.


Glue ears and eyes.


Paint cheeks with pink deco paint pen.


Draw nose with the extra fine black deco paint pen. Cut out star shaped collar (7 points), decorate with stickles, let dry.


Glue bells to points of collar.


Hat-2 1/2" x 3" foamie, roll into cylinder to make cone shaped hat. May need to trim ends. Double stick tape end and glue to secure.


Using red origami paper fold in half, double stick tape halves together.


Use mini scallop edge scissors to cut one side.


Tape or glue to base of hat.


Glue hat to top of bell, pulling cord out through top of hat.


Glue on pom pom.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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