Christmas Candy Bouquet


1 qty. 4” Clay Pot #73077

9-12 qty. 3/16” x 12” wooden dowels #77187534 or bamboo chopsticks

5-7 qty. Candy bars/bags

4-5 qty. Candy Canes real or plastic #30014844

10-14 qty. 10” x 10” Red Cellophane squares #77508242

5-7 qty. 10” x 10” Green Cellophane squares #77508259

1 qty. 8” x 4” x 2” Styrofoam Block #77502930

Patio Paint – Red Geranium #30000011

Clear Packing tape #90823

Clear Scotch Tape Green Paper Shreds #30070139



1” Foam Brush #10109

Scissors Knife to cut Styrofoam

Low temp Glue Gun and Glue sticks



Paint the outside of the clay pot with the red acrylic paint. Let dry.


Place the bag of candy/candy bar in front of you face down (nutritional info facing up). Place the dowel or chopstick in the middle going only halfway up. Use clear packing tape or scotch tape to adhere the stick to the candy. Make sure the candy is securely on the stick. Repeat with all of the candies and set aside. Tape the candy canes to the dowels or chopsticks and set aside.


Take a 10” red square of cellophane and fold in half twice. Next fold it in half again, making a triangular wedge. Make a tiny snip at the bottom point. Open up the cellophane. There should be a tiny hole in the middle. Repeat for all the red and green cellophanes.


Place the stick with the candy into the hole of a red cello. Slide the cello up stopping about an inch away from the bottom of the candy. Twist the cello to make it “scrunch”. Using the clear scotch tape, tape the cello tightly around the stick. Repeat with the green cello. This makes one candy “flower”. Repeat these steps with the rest of the candy bar/bag sticks. Finishing: Cut the styrofoam block to fit inside of the clay pot. Make sure that it fits snugly, you may even need to wedge in another small piece. Stick the candy flowers into the styrofoam. Alter the heights of the candles to make it look like a floral arrangement. Add the candy canes in between.



2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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