Christmas Owl

2 qty. 4 ” x 6” Cashmere Tan Felt #77676767
1 qty. 2” x 2 ” Antique White Felt #77677559
1 qty. 1” x 2” Walnut Brown Felt #30061434
1 qty. 1” x 1” Goldenrod Foamie #30041087
2 qty. 20mm Moving Eyes #30055160
3 qty. 3/8” Jingle Bells – your color choice 8” of thin metallic cording for the hanger silver #30077057 or
gold #30077058
8” of 1/8” satin ribbon for bows – your color choice
6” of 1/8” satin ribbon for hanger – your color choice

Pen/pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
Low Temp Glue gun #77536425 &
Glue sticks #77523658

Diagram 1



Trace and cut out pieces from felt and foamie according to the patterns. Note: use just one of the Cashmere Tan felt pieces to cut out the Owl and wings, set the other piece aside.

Place brown piece on top of the owl’s head and glue in place. Place the two eyes below and glue in place. Place the beak below the eyes and glue in place.


Place the chest piece in the center of the body, aligning the bottom edges. Glue in place. Place a wing on either side gluing to the back of the body.


String the jingle bells onto the thread. Space the bells evenly apart and tie a knot in the thread to hold them in place. Drape the bell garland across the front of the owl, going wing to wing, like in the pictured sample. Glue the ends of the thread to the back of each wing. Take the 6” of 1/8” ribbon and tie the ends together. Place the knotted end behind the top of the owl’s head and glue in place.


Place the owl on top of the remaining piece of Cashmere Tan felt. Glue the decorated owl to the felt piece, leaving the ribbon hanger coming out from the top. Carefully trim the excess felt around the owl piece, following the owl’s outline. Hang owl up as a decoration.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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