Christmas Pals


Hearty clay: white #1305 , red #1303 & brown #11613

Hearty clay tools (3 pcs.) #77361006

Texture tool #77942730

Clay scissors Item # 77942722

Beads for eyes 4mm



Tacky glue


Tips: Keep all clay in zip lock bags when not in use or when making pieces. You can use water to smooth and join the clay.





(Brown, red and white clay) You will need to mix: half of the brown pack with half of the white pack to get lt. Brown.) Figure instructions:

1. HEAD: shape a 3/4-inch lt. Red brown ball into a 7/8-inch pear shape. Insert eyes onto upper part of face.

2. NOSE: shape a 3/16-inch red ball and place onto lower part of face.

3. BODY: shape a 3/4-inch lt. Red brown ball into an egg. Insert half of a toothpick into one end of the body in an upward angle, leaving half of the toothpick extended out. Place center back of head onto toothpick and press gently to body.

4. LEGS: shape four 1/2-inch lt. Red brown balls into 3/4-inch length teardrops. Insert a 7/16-inch toothpick into top of small end of each piece, leaving top half of the toothpick extended out of each leg. Put two legs together for the front legs (side by side) and the last two legs together for the back legs (side by side). Secure the front leg to the front bottom (under side) of the body. Secure the back legs to the back bottom (under side) of the body. Making sure all the legs are even so figure can stand up right.

5. HOOVES: shape four 1/4-inch brown balls. Press one onto the bottom of each leg and secure. Indent a line onto front of each hoof.

6. TAIL: shape a 3/16-inch lt. Red brown ball into a small oval. Press onto top back end of the body.

7. WREATH: shape a 7/16-inch red ball into a 2-1/4-inch length log shape. Wrap around neck of reindeer and in the back. Using the wire tool, make a design around entire wreath.

8. BOW: shape two 1/4-inch red balls into small teardrops. These will be the sides of the bow. Shape two 1/4-inch red balls into small teardrops and make a small slit into center of wide end of the two pieces. Pull each slit slightly apart and round ends (it should look like hearts). These will be the tails of the bow. Form a 3/16-inch red ball for the center of the bow. Place sides of the bow (small ends facing together) side by side. Next place the center of the bow in the middle of the first two pieces. Then secure the tails (slits facing at an angle downward) to the bottom center of the bow. Last, secure the finished bow to the front of the wreath, just under the head. Press a design onto the bow.

 9. ANTLERS: shape two 7/16-inch brown balls into 9/16-inch length teardrops. Cut two 1/4-inch slits down and 1/8 of an inch in on each side of the wide end of the antlers. Pull each slit slightly away from the middle piece and round each end. Insert two -inch length toothpicks half way into top of head, one on each side. Place antlers onto top of head through the toothpicks and secure.



(White and red clay)

Figure instructions:

1. HEAD: shape a 3/4-inch white ball. Insert two eye beads.

2. NOSE: shape a 1/8-inch red ball to a small oval. Place nose on head just under eyes.  


2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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