Christmas Slippahs


2 - 4” x 5” Felt for the backings- color choice

4” x 5” Felt for the soles- coordinating color

2 – 1/4” x 4” strips of felt for straps
     (coordinating colors)

12” of ⅛” ribbon for the hanger

Low Temp Glue gun & Glue sticks


Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.

Cut the small slit with your scissors in each sole as indicated on the pattern.

Take each of the felt strips for the straps. Fold in half lengthwise and glue to hold. Fold the strip in half and slip the centerfold into the slit. Fold back and glue to hold in place. Take the loose ends of straps and place under the either side of the sole, like slipper straps. Glue in place. Position soles on top of one of the felt backings. Glue in place.

Place one end of the 1/8” ribbon on either side on the back of the backing. Glue to the edge for the hanger.

Turn over so that slippers are facing right side up. Align with the second backing, matching the edges. Glue the edges together around the sides and bottom only. Leave the top open, forming a pocket pouch.

Slip your goodies into the pouch and give to your family and friends!

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