Cigar Box Game



Fiskars® Paper Crimper

Fiskars® Hand Punch - ¼" Star

Fiskars® Victorian Paper Edgers

Fiskars® Comfort Grip™ Micro-Tip® Scissors

Holiday Stencils

Wood Ruler

Scrap of Evergreen card stock

Gold wire 26 or 28 gauge

2 each - 8½" x 11" Ivory card stock

8½" x 11" - Paper Bag card stock

Christmas Book - Holly paper


Wire cutters

Glue stick



Use the precision screwdriver to remove the hardware from the cigar box. Set hardware on the side. Paint the inside and outside of the cigar box with the Blue Acrylic Paint. Let dry.


Fit the felt squares inside of the cigar box for the linings and trim if necessary. Glue felt to the box. Re-attach the hardware to the cigar box.


Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns. Note: Use patterns as a guide, these pieces can be freeform shapes.


Checkerboard top:

Place a sand piece along one edge of the blue cardstock, aligning the straight edges. Position a mixture of green and light green seaweed pieces on either side on the sand. Place stones in front of seaweed base. Glue in place. Repeat with the opposite side of the blue cardstock.


Starting from one edge of the base, use the ruler to mark off ¾” increments. Use the ruler and black fine tip marker to draw straight horizontal lines across the base at those increments. Repeat in the vertical direction. This will form ¾” squares across the base.  Using the blue inkpad and sponge, dab blue in every other square. This will make the checkerboard Let dry.  Center the checkerboard onto the top of the cigar box and glue in place. Brush a coat of the decoupage coating over the top to seal. Let dry.


Game pieces:

On the white cardstock, use the black inkpad to stamp 15 turtles and 15 fish designs. Color each design in with the colored pencils. Use the decoupage glue to attach a clear flat marble over each design. Let dry. Trim around each marble. Stamp with design again and draw a little crown on the turtle or fish’s head. Color in. Brush on another coat of decoupage sealer if necessary. Let dry.


Use the marbles to platy the traditional game of checkers. Store the game pieces in the cigar box when not playing.

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