Clear Pinwheel


1 – 8x8” Clear Acrylic Sheet (Paper Accents)

1 – Wood Dowel – 5/8” x 12” 1 ” pc – Wood Dowel 3/16” 2 – 8mm Wood Beads

2 – Clear Pony Beads

1 – Silver Eyelet 3/16” Deco Color Paint Pens - Fine



Fiskars Drill Set Eyelet Setting Set (Making Memories) Fiskars Rotary Paper Trimmer


Permanent Marker





1. Take Clear Sheet and face the blue backing up. (Each sheet has a blue covering that needs to be peeled off when using sheet)

2. Use the ruler to draw an ‘X’ from corner to corner, using the permanent marker.

3. From the center of the ‘X’, mark and measure 1 ” on each line.

4. Then cut the line from each corner, up to that mark; making 4 triangles.

5. Punch holes in the center of the ‘X’ and in one of the corners of every triangle.

6. Peel off blue protective backing and decorate using paint pens. Let dry. (Tip: Since it’s clear, you can trace any simple lined picture)

7. After paint is dry. Place eyelet, shaft side up on a hard surface (ground or sturdy table).

8. Place center hole of clear sheet onto shaft, then layer each hole of each corner onto shaft. Do not fold or crease clear sheet. (Tip: Have an adult help kids, hold down clear sheet corners.)

9. Using eyelet setter and hammer, set the eyelet with 5 or 6 good hard pounds. (Adult supervision required)




1. Using the Fiskars Drill, use the 2nd to the last smallest bit.

2. Drill a hole in the 5/8” wood dowel, about 1” from end of dowel.

3. Take the 1 ” piece of 3/16” wood dowel and place a 8mm wood bead on one end of it. (use the hammer if needed)

4. Then place the piece of dowel inside the hole of the larger dowel.

5. On the other end of that small piece of wood dowel, layer the 2 pony beads, pinwheel then 2nd 8mm wood bead. (Use hammer if needed, cut any excess dowel off with scissors. Pinwheel should be vertically straight and spin freely.)



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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