Clear Tube Treat Holder


1 qty. Clear Tube with stopper #30099897
1 qty. 8 ” x 11” Cardstock
1 qty. 5 ” x 3 ” Printed cardstock for card front, coordinate ” Meriken Double-stick tape #30013284
Paper Trimmer#30088131
Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578
Treats to fill clear tube

Additional embellishments (ribbon, tags, stickers, etc.)




Refer to Diagram1 and cut the 8 ”x 11” cardstock where indicated.


Refer to Diagram2 and use the MSC Score Board tool to score where indicated by the dashed lines.


On the bottom left section, fold the scored lines at the ”, 1 3/8”, 2 ”, 3 5/8” and 5”. By folding them, it will create the squared tube holder. Put a strip of double stick tape on the ” section and adhere at the 5” mark to complete the square.
Fold over the center scored line on the right side to form the card.
Center the printed 5 ” x 3 ” cardstock on the front of the card. Decorate cards as desired.
Fill tube with treats and slip into the squared holder. Add additional embellishments as desired.




2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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