Clown Puppet


1 qty.      2 ½” x 5” White felt #77676635
1 qty.      1” x 2 ½” Orange felt #77676668
1 qty.      1” x 1 ½” Red felt #77676619
1 qty.      2” x 10” Printed felt*
*sample used Hearts #30056385
2 qty.      10mm Moving eyes #77660845
1 qty.      ½” Red Pom Pom #30006964
1 qty.      Jumbo Craft stick
Black Sharpie #91029

Sewing Needle & Thread
Low temp Glue Gun #77536417 & Glue sticks #77533638



Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.

Take the 2” x 10” strip of printed felt. Fold in half lengthwise with the print on the inside. Glue the two short edges together, like a seam. Thread the sewing needle. Sew a running stitch along one edge of the felt. Gather thread ends together like a drawstring.

Place the jumbo craft stick inside the gathered felt. Push the felt up until the ungathered edge is about 2” from one end of the craft stick. Glue the gathered end to the craft stick. Turn the felt print side out. This is the clown’s outfit.

Place the moving eyes onto one of the white felt circles and glue in place. Place the red pom pom below the eyes foe the nose and glue in place. Use the Black Sharpie to draw a smile along the center of the red felt mouth. Place the mouth below the pom pom nose and glue in place.

Center and place the clown face on the shorter craftstick area above the gathered clown outfit. Lightly glue in place. Take the second white felt circle and place on the back of the craft stock, matching the edges of the face. Glue circles together so that craft stick is sandwiched in between. Place the orange hairpieces on either side of the head and glue in place.


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