Communication Board 2009


30083690 12X12 Plastic calendar

30088866 Brad dew drop

30088863 Brad rhinestone jewels pink

2102275 Magnets

30088841 12x12 be back at midnight

30088845 12X12 royal procession {2 X}

30084875 Blinger magnet butterfly {2X}

30089034 Decor paper flower 4in {2X}

30089399 Tin Sheets 12X12

1096239 glue E 6000

30014975 Crystal stickles

30013283 3/16 double sided tape


30089405 WOOD FRAME 12X36-WHITE



Other Tools

Glue gun

Glue sticks

Wire cutter



  1. Take backing off wood frame & remove glass

  2. Keep cardboard backing place 1- 12X12 royal procession & 12X12

  3. Plastic calendar on top of cardboard on the left side

  4. In the center place Tin Sheets 12X12 & be back at midnight paper.

  5. Tape down using double sided tape

  6. On the right side peel off backing of cork sheet and place down

  7. Cut 12X12 royal processions into strips tape at ends & bottom to make folder for holding notes cut inch strips to make a border around right side for cork board

  8. Decorate frame using stickles& let dry

  9. Glue brad rhinestones to thumbtacks break off the brad before you glue

  10. Take the epoxy brad wrap around magnate

  11. This will be used for your magnate board in the center

  12. Place magnate butterfly on center

  13. Hot glue paper flower on top left coroner and bottom right of frame



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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