Cookie Tree


  • Sugar Cookies

  • Wilton Star 4-piece Nesting Cookie Cutter Set


  • Wilton 4-piece Snowflake Cutter Set


  • Wilton Christmas Sprinkles

            #0710-1797 or #0710-1792

  • Icing


1. Make a batch of sugar cookies, cutting out 4 or more consecutive stars/snowflakes using the Wilton star/snowflake  

    shaped cookie cutters.


2. Stack cookies from largest on bottom to smallest on top alternating the star/snowflake points. Put a small amount of

    icing at the center of each cookie before placing it to keep your tree aligned. Continue to build upward.

3. Decorate cookie tree as you like using Wilton Christmas Sprinkles, icing, etc.

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