Coupon Book


1 qty. 5 ” x 3” Printed Paper or Cardstock for cover

1 qty. 6 ” x 3” Printed Paper /Cardstock for Back cover

1 qty. 10” of decorative ribbon for closure

1qty. 3”x 3” Cardstock or printed paper for heart decoration Printout of coupons on copy paper ( qty. your choice)

Pop Up Glue Dots #30001511

Sharpie Black Marker #91029



Paper Trimmer #30017631

Ruler Pencil Fiskars Rotary Cutter #77658666 Fiskars Perforating Blade #77421685

Craft Mat #30065911

Corner Rounder #30068369

” Hole Punch #77178558

Super Punch – Heart #30028735

Paper Creaser #30003774





Coupon Template - print out as many sheets as you want coupons. Trim the excess edges around the coupons, using the cutting marks as guides.

Use the corner rounder to curve the right side corners of the coupons. Use the perforating blade on the rotary cutter to make the vertical perforating line along the coupons’ left edge.

Measure ” in from the edge and perforate. Measure about ” in from the top and bottom of the coupons in that ” perforated section and mark with the pencil. Use the ” hole punch to make two holes where the pencil marks are. Stack the coupons together and staple once between the holes to keep them together.

Take the 5 ” x 3” piece and corner round the right hand corners. Place the coupon stack on top and mark where the holes are. Remove the coupons and punch the holes with the ” hole punch where the marks are. Place the coupon stack back under the cover, aligning the straight left edges.

Take the 6 ” x 3” piece and corner round the right hand corners for the bottom cover. With the wrong side up on the bottom cover, place the coupons and top cover on top. Align the corner rounded edges of the covers. Fold over the left hand edge to form a flap over the top cover. Use the paper creaser to make a nice fold. Fold the flap back ad mark the holes on the bottom. Fold the flap back and flip the book over. Fold the bottom cover open and mark the holes in the flap. Remove the coupons and top cover. Punch the holes in the bottom and flap of the bottom cover.

Assemble the book with the coupons under the top cover and the flap from the bottom cover over the top cover. The holes should all be aligned. Slip the ribbon through the holes and tie together on the top. Tie into a bow and trim the ends.

Use the heart punch to make an embellishment for the top of the book. See the samples pictured. Use a Pop Up glue dot to attach to the cover of the book. Optional: You can add a layer of colored cardstock or printed paper to the flap or heart to further embellish.

Lastly, fill out your coupons before giving as a gift.  


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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