2.5” Clay pot
2.5” Clay Saucer
4 – 5/8” Wooden Mini Candle Cups
4” x 4” White Fun Foam
White Acrylic Paint
Black Acrylic Paint
Satin Varnish sealer
Sponge brush
Fine tip paintbrush
Black fine tip permanent marker
12” of Black Yarn
6” of ¼” Red Satin Ribbon
Low Temp Glue Gun & glue sticks


Take the white acrylic paint and paint the outside of the clay pot and the outside of the clay saucer, let dry.  

Take the black acrylic paint and paint the outside of the wooden candle cups, let dry. Group the 4 candle cups together with the openings on top. Place under the clay pot and glue for the cow’s hooves. Place the saucer upside down onto the top of the clay pot as a cover. This forms the cow’s body. Paint spots all over the body with the black acrylic paint. Let dry. Seal with a coat of satin varnish. Let dry.

Trace and cut out the head piece from fun foam according to the pattern. Use the black fine tip permanent marker to draw in the cow’s facial details. Look at the body and line up the feet, then glue the head to the clay pot body. Tie a bow from the red ribbon and glue to the body below the neck.

Cut the Yarn into thirds. Braid the 3 yarn pieces together and knot the ends securely, adjusting the length as desired. Glue one knotted end to the body opposite of the head for the tail. Fill pot with treats or treasures!

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