Craft Stick Pal

Keiki Project


Wood Craft stick #77676585

2 qty.  2”x 2” Yellow Cardstock

2” x 4” Yellow Foamie #77613505

½” x ½” Orange Foamie #77613521

Acrylic Paint – White #77624882

Acrylic Paint – Black #77624890

Acrylic Paint – Red #77624866

Black Sharpie Marker #91029

Optional: Pin back #77403337 or magnet 377622829





Thin paintbrush

Low Temp Glue Gun and Glue Sticks


Note: You can use the Marvy Uchida 2” Daisy Punch #30028740 to make the lion’s mane instead of the pattern given.





Trace and cut out pieces from foamie and cardstock according to the patterns.


Cut the craft stick in half; you will only need one half. Place the body piece onto the craft stick and glue in place. Use the marker to draw a 1” line from the bottom up to indicate the legs.


Place the two paws along the bottom and glue in place. Use the marker to make detail lines for the claws.


Place the two daisy cardstock pieces together, offsetting the petals. Glue together. Place the round foamie head in the center and glue in place. Use the end of the paintbrush to make dip dot eyes with the white acrylic paint. Let dry. Take the black acrylic paint and make a smaller dot on top of the white eyes. Use the black paint to make a dip dot heart for the nose. Use the red acrylic paint to make two small dip dot hearts on each side of the nose for cheeks. Let dry. Glue the head to the top of the craft stick.


Place the tail behind the bottom at the lower right and glue to the back. Place the orange foamie piece on the tip of the tail and glue in place. Snip the tip pf the tail to make a “fringe”.


Optional: You can make your craft stick pal into a magnet or pin back by gluing either behind the body.

© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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