Candy Cane Critter


White HeartyŽ Clay
Black HeartyŽ Clay
Red HeartyŽ Clay
HeartyŽ Clay color scale tool
3" of red 1/8" ribbon
Low Temp Glue Gun
     For a pin - 1 pin back
     Ornament - 4" of thin cord


Using the HeartyŽ Clay color scale, mix some black and white clay into about 1.5" ball of gray clay.

Roll out a 3/8" ball of gray clay and flatten to form a 1/2" circle about 1/4" thick for the mouse head. Take two 1/4" balls of gray clay and flatten to about 1/8" thick for the mouse ears. Pinch one end of each of the circle ears and attach to the back of the head.

Take a 1/2" ball of gray clay and flatten into an oval about 1/4" thick for the mouse's body. Attach head to the narrow end of the body.

Form two separate rolls about 3" long and 1/4" thick from the red and white clay. Take the two rolls and twist together. Form a hook on one end to make the candy cane. Make the candy cane slightly taller than the mouse. Even out the ends of the rolls for a clean finish.

Make two 1/4" balls of gray clay for the paws. Place the candy cane next to the mouse. Attach the paws to the body and candy can, as if the mouse is holding the candy cane, as shown.

Take two 1/8" of white clay and place onto the lower half of the mouse's head for the cheeks. Roll three tiny balls of black clay for the eyes and nose. Place the eyes above the cheeks and the nose on the center top of the cheeks. 

Roll a thin length of gray clay. Attach to the bottom of the mouse and curl for a tail. Make a bow from the red 1/8" ribbon and glue tot the mouse's neck.

Optional: Glue a pin back behind the mouse's body to make into a pin. Tie the ends of the cord together and glue behind the tip of the head for an ornament.

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