Crocheted Kitchen Towel Topper


Crochet Hook size US 6/G #77607275 or 8/H #77627796
Yarn – 4-ply acrylic yarn or 100% cotton yarn Awl #77823229
8 qty. Wooden spring closure clothespins #30083901

NOTE: You can use acrylic yarn or cotton yarn. Just remember when using 100% cotton yarn that when washing, it may shrink. You may have to make adjustments in stitches for the towel length.

NOTE: Basic crochet knowledge is needed for this project

Instructions by Colleen Mossman and Jenny Takaoka(Colleen’s grandmother)




Lay your kitchen towel out flat. On the top of the towel, you will make ” holes with your awl across your kitchen towel right below the seams. Make a slip knot with your crochet hook and let’s begin on the right side to left.
Single crochet (sc) twice in each hole across the top of your kitchen towel. At the end of your towel, you will form a chain of 14 count, then turn your kitchen towel around and skip 3 chains and in the 4th chain, you will (sc) and a chain of 14 count, skip 3 of the chains, on the 4th chain, (sc) and repeat until you’ve reached the end of your kitchen towel. Now at the very of your towel, you will form a chain of 7 count.
Turn your towel around and Single crochet (sc) in each chain loop that was created across your towel. This will cause your towel to have a gathered effect. At the end of your last chain loop you will now chain 40 count. This chain is to form your kitchen towel tie. You will now Slip Stitch (sl st) down your chain to reinforce your tie to become stronger for tying and washing.
When you have reached down your chain, single crochet (sc) through the top of your kitchen towel to the other end. Repeating the chain of 40 count to form the other kitchen towel tie. Repeat going back down your chain using a slip stitch (sl st). You will end your chain by leaving 2 inches in length to cut.
After you have cut your yarn, pull your yarn through the loop causing your end to knot. Weave the excess yarn through your top of the kitchen towel and cut off the excess.



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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