Crown Styro Frame


1 – 4x8” piece of ” thick Styrofoam Sheet #77603597

4 – 1” Styrofoam Balls #77603258

5– Craft Picks or Toothpicks #77676593

1 – 2” Metal Heart Cookie Cutter #30007299

1 – 3” Metal Heart Cookie Cutter #30007300


1 – Flexible Polyblade Clay Cutter #77570424

Metallic Gold - Delta Ceram Coat Paint #77625640

Ultra Fine Opaque Glitters: Egyptian Gold #77322248 Cranberry

#77322198 Purple #77321885

Sky Blue #77322156 Emerald #77321984



Low Temp Glue Gun #77536417

Hot Glue Sticks #77533638


Permanent Marker

Tacky Glue #77609875

2 Foam Brushes #10109

4 Small Containers for glitter

1 Long Skewer




1. Cut and trace 2 crown patterns onto Styrofoam piece with the permanent marker. (Tip: Push and drag marker to ‘carve’ out line. This helps to cut out design later on.)

2. Carefully, use the 2” Heart cookie cutter and cut out a heart hole from the middle of, only one, crown shape. This will be the “Front Piece” of your frame; the other piece will be the “Back Piece”. (Tip: Do not discard heart cut out, use it to hold Styrofoam balls)

3. Use either the 3” Heart cookie cutter or the Polyblade, to cut out the crown shape from Styrofoam.

4. Hot glue the ‘Front’ and ‘Back’ pieces together, matching sides and points. Most important is matching up the long, straight edge so that your frame will stand up. (Tip: You could use a scrap piece of Styrofoam to glue to the back of frame as an easel.)

5. Use the long skewer as a handle; poke the pointed end into the straight edge of frame piece.

6. Next, use the gold paint and a foam brush to paint, only, the front and sides of the “Front Piece”. Then paint, only, the sides of the “Back Piece”. Set aside and let dry. (Tip: ‘Dab’ the paint onto the Styrofoam, do not ‘brush’ it on. Also do not push too hard onto the Styrofoam piece, it may cause holes or ditches.)

7. Take one of the 1” Styrofoam balls and cut in half, using the cookie cutter or polyblade.

8. Measure about 1 ” from pointed end of the craft sticks or toothpicks; and break off the rounded ends.

9. Then hot glue the broken ends of the sticks into all three balls and the flat side of the halved ones.

10. Holding the sticks, use the other foam brush to ‘dab’ Tacky glue onto all the balls. (Tip: Make sure the edges of the halved pieces are generously covered in glue.)

11. Place all colors of glitter, except ‘Gold’, into separate containers. Then dip balls and cover generously; shake off excess glitter in container. Let dry, stick balls onto heart cut out to stand it up.

12. Dab on tacky glue over the gold paint, on the front of the crown only, do not put glue on the sides.

13. Over a sheet of clean paper, sprinkle gold glitter all over front of glued crown. Tap off excess and pour back into bottle.

14. Use the 2” cookie cutter and trace the inside, on your photo then cut out.

15. When all the pieces are dry, assemble frame. 16. Use the hot glue, poke all three balls into the points of the crown and the halves in the front.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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