Crystal Flower Wrist Lei

Project by Lynn


1)     10 Swarovski crystal flowers (6mm) with side-to-side holes

2)     20 Swarovski 3mm bi-cone crystals

3)     65 twisted sterling silver tube beads (1/4”)

4)     Three 12 “pieces of Beadalon 19 strand .010 bright stringing wire

5)     1 magnetic sterling silver clasp

6)     2 sterling silver crimp beads

7)     Tape (Scotch brand)

8)     Jewelry glue (optional)



1)     Wire cutters

2)     Crimp tool



1)     Tape three ends of beading wire to work surface.

2)     String tube beads and crystals on all three wires keeping the crystals in a bi-cone, flower,

     bi-cone pattern set.

3)     One wire will have four crystal sets and the other two wires will have only three.

4)     Try to randomly space the crystals between the tube beads until the wrist lei (bracelet)

     is 6-1/2” in length.

5)     String all three wire ends into a crimp bead, through the clasp loop, and back into the crimp bead.

6)     String each wire end back into the last few beads on the wire and pull taut.

7)     Use the crimp tool to squash the crimp bead and add a dab of glue if desired before cutting

     off wire ends.

8)     Untape the other three wire ends and follow steps 5 through 7.


© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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