Cupcake Pencil Topper

Keiki Project


White Hearty Clay #3000 6454

Orange Hearty Clay #3003 0918

Hearty Clay Color Sale tool #7785 6054

Hearty Clay 3-pc. Tool set #7736 1006

Assorted embellishments for the top of the cupcake:

Beads, Glitter, Stickles glue, etc.

Pencil or Pen


Note: You can substitute different colors of Hearty Clay for the cupcake.








Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale tool, measure out an “I” ball of Orange Hearty Clay. Roll into a ball. Press the eraser end of the pencil into the ball. Hold the pencil with the ball of clay on top and slowly turn it while shaping the ball into a short cone shape about ¾” high and 5/8” wide on the narrow side. The pencil should be coming out of the narrow end of the cone. This will be the cupcake “baking cup”. Use the straight edge of a Hearty Clay tool and make vertical lines all around the outside. Remove from the pencil and flatten the bottom and top by tapping lightly on a flat surface like a table. Set aside.


Measure out an “I” ball of White Hearty Clay. Roll into round ball. Place on a flat surface and carefully flatten the bottom, forming a mound shape about 1 ½” in diameter. Place on top of the wider topside of the “baking cup” for the cupcake “frosting”. Carefully smooth the edges down over the sides.


Decorate your cupcake with beads, as shown in the sample, or sprinkle glitter on top. You can also use other things to decorate such as making dots with Scribbles or Stickles paints. Let decorations and clay dry. Place on top of the end of a pencil or pen.





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