Cute as a Button Bracelet

Assorted Buttons – different sizes and coordinating colors, preferably with 4 holes 20 – 24” of Clear Stretchy cord - .5mm #30004180 or similar

Sharp Scissors



Pick out your buttons and line them in the order that you want them to be on your bracelet. You can stack smaller buttons on top of larger ones for a dimensional effect.


We are working with a long piece of cording because it is easier to work with, especially when you are tying it off at the end. Take the length of stretchy cord and fold in half. You will be stringing the cording through the sets of button holes side by side.


Take your first button and feed both ends of the cording through the side-by-side button holes, starting from the bottom of the button and coming out on top. Next, go back down through the adjacent holes.


Take your next button(s) and feed the cording ends through the button holes, going from the top down. Come back up the next set of holes.


Take your third button(s) and string the cording through the set of holes, going from the top down. Come up the next set of holes.


Continue this pattern until you get the length you want for your bracelet. Adjust the placement of the buttons as you string them on. The buttons should be overlapping each other every other one.


When you have reached the desired length, take the two ends of the cording and slip under the loop of the first button. Tie the cording securely with several knots. Cut off excess cording.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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