Daisy Can


Gerbera Daisy Bunch

Quart Tin Can - #16065

12 X 12” Printed Paper

7/8” Sheer Organza Ribbon  (color to match Paper)

12mm Round Rhinestone Multicolored - #77367128

5mm Double Stick Tape – Heiko #30013283

12” Paper Trimmer   - #30017631

Floral Tape – Green - #77100727

3 - Styrofoam 3”x1” Discs- #77963470

Crinkle Cut Strands – Green - #77901876

Mini Low Temp Glue Gun - #77109710

Mini Low Temp Glue Sticks - #30027271

Pens   (BIC pens or ones with a capped ends are best)




Can Dιcor:

  1. Trim a long strip of Printed Paper to measure 4 Ύ”X12”. 
  2. Then trim a small strip of 2”X 4 Ύ”.
  3. Adhere the long strip to the can using the double stick tape on both ends.  Then adhere the small strip to cover the gap.  (Tip:  If using directional printed paper try to match up designs on the long and small strips.)
  4. Tie ribbon to the middle of the can and randomly glue rhinestones.
  5. Pull off the daisy heads from stems, then randomly glue them onto the can. (Tip:  Trim down stem if too long, you want the stem to be a little flat to adhere to can.)
  6. Glue all 3 Styrofoam discs together, making a long cylinder; then glue to the bottom of can.
  7. Glue Crinkle Strands to top of Styrofoam up to brim of can.


Daisy Pens:

  1. Pull off the daisy heads from stems. (Tip:  Do not trim stem, need to leave stem long.)
  2. Pull off cap from wrong end of pen.  (Not cap covering pen tip, the other end.)
  3. Place glue onto daisy stem, then quickly place into wrong end of pen. (Wipe off excess glue.)
  4. Starting from about ½” down from daisy end of pen, start wrapping floral tape around pen, going upward to daisy.  Wrapping several times around daisy stem area to hide glue.  Then wrap back down to pen tip; finally ending in middle of pen or if desired, all the way back up to daisy.  (Remember to keep stretching tape to activate the adhesive. Pull tape taught, but be careful not to break tape.)
  5. Tie ribbon to pen end. (Tip:  Tie a knot, then place a drop of hot glue onto knot, then finish bow.)
  6. Glue a rhinestone to the middle of the daisy.  (Let dry completely before handling daisy.)
  7. Stick pens through Crinkle strands and into Styrofoam to make it stand up.



© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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