Dazzling Curtain



Acrylic Paint


5/16” Dowel  77718320

E6000 Glue

Yard stick / Cardboard

Hook fixture

36” Monofilament

5 pkg. 3/4” Round Mirrors (10-ct.)  77977942

2 pkg. 15mm Rhinestones (26-ct.) or 9 pkg. (6-ct.)  30000606


Using a long cardboard, mark off 30” and in increments of 4”. Measure 30” of filament and with 6” tie a loop. Tape down onto cardboard and place 6 mirrors with right side down. Select 6 of your rhinestones and dab of glue on top of mirror centering filament. Space every 4” will make 8 lines. Paint dowel to match room, secure loop onto dowel and evenly space your lines. Place dowel above doorway with hook fixture.


*Note: Drying Time – Overnight

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