Deco Dog Tag

- dog tag (30111695 do tag-rectangle 2pk)
- dress it up embellishment buttons (30118797 playful penguins)
- various sizes of flatbacks. Can be crystal, plastic or a combination of both.
- key ring
- large quick link connector (30090952 qk lnk-connector lg sp)
- tweezers or uncooked spaghetti (wetting the end of the spaghetti will make it sticky and you can use that end to pick up the flat backs to place onto your glue. The glue should be stickier then the pasta and will pull it away from the end. Wipe off with a damp paper towel after the glue has fully cured to remove any pasta residue).
- 2 part epoxy (12766 glue epoxy 5 min 1 oz tube)
- wire cutters
- rubbing alcohol
- paper towel
- scratch paper
- toothpick or craft pick




1. First use the rubbing alcohol and paper towel to clean the surface of the dog tag.
2. Take your embellishment button and remove the shank on the back with wire cutters.
3. Use the 2 part epoxy to glue down the button, work with small batches of the glue at a time because it will get gummy within 3 minutes. You can use scratch paper to mix the small batches of glue. You will have about 2 minutes to move the objects being glued if needed. Use the craft pick to smear on the glue, work in small areas at a time.
4. Glue the flatbacks around the button, using carious sizes will allow you to fill up more space.
5. The glue will be set in 10 minutes and fully cured in 1 hour. After the glue has cured, attach the dog tag to your finding of choice.


2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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