Decorated Scrapbook Canvas Project



30022093 12” x 12” canvas

30055281 12” x 12” paper

(3112 pink blossoms by Far and Away)

77648964 decoupage glue

Paint brush

30037533 red mat 8” x 10”

77155986 double-sided tape

Sand paper

30055753 Tag maker

30055754 Rims

30050431 Splendor ink pad

77396929 Cherry Blossom stamp

30014877 Embossing Gun

Tsukineko Embossing Powder

77197756 Black

77197707 Silver

Assorted Ribbons

77834556 Screw Eyes



1. Tear 12” x 12” sheet of paper so that it is slightly smaller than top of canvas.

2. Apply decoupage to canvas and adhere 12” x 12” paper. Burnish to insure there are not any bubbles.

3. Paint edges if desired.

4. 8” x 10” mat distress top with sandpaper or emboss to embellish.

5. Create tags with tag maker and tie ribbon.

6. Hang tags from back side of mat with ribbons.

7. Using double stick tape, place on 3 sides on the back of 8” x 10” mat, allowing one side to open so you can slip

    a photo through one side.

8. Attach screw eyes to the top of canvas and add ribbon to hang on wall.


  2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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