Decorative Memo Pad


Acrylic photo frame 3” x 5”

Assorted Dress It Up shankless buttons (or cut the shanks off plastic buttons)

Decorative paper (washi, scrapbook, wrapping or rubber stamped) 3” x 5”

Pen in color to coordinate with decorative paper

3” x 3” Post It note pad

” sticky back Velcro dots

527 all-purpose cement

Terrifically Tacky tape ”  width


Slip decorative paper behind the frame. (The stand of the frame is the top of the note pad holder.)

Adhere the note pad to the frame with the tacky tape, leaving room for the pen

Position the Velcro dot on the top center of the frame and the center of the pen.

Use the 527 cement to glue the Dress It Up buttons to the note pad holder.

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