De-Lightful Friends Pins


For Reindeer

1 - C7 Replacement Bulbs – multi pack #3002 9491

Brown chenille stem #7767 4085

1 – 8mm Round red Bead #3000 0956

2 – 7mm Moving Eyes #7760 0837

Small Leaves from Christmas Pick #3002 5013

4” of ⅜” Gold Ribbon #7780 1134


For Snowman

1 – C7 Replacement Bulb – white pack #3002 9495

2 – 7mm Moving Eyes #7760 0837

11” x 1” Orange Foamie for nose #7761 3521

Black fine tip Permanent Marker #7753 1954

3” x 2” Red Felt for hat #7767 6619

” x 6” Apple Green felt for scarf  #7767 6817

6” of Red Embroidery Floss#7763 6803


For Both Characters

1” Pin Back #7740 3337 or #7712 6987

E-6000 Glue #7753 6409

Low temp glue gun and glue sticks

Directions for the Reindeer

Take the light bulb and hold it with the threading side up. Wrap the brown chenille stem once around the threading of the light bulb, twist to secure. Separate the ends of the stem. Bend and twist each end into an antler shape.

Glue the 2 moving eyes below the antlers in the middle of the bulb. Glue the red round bead to the tip of the bulb.

Cut apart a Christmas pick and glue tiny leaves and berries around and in-between the antlers to hide the threading. Make a tiny bow with the gold ribbon. Glue the bow to the top of the head below the leaves and antlers.

Glue the pin back behind the antlers using the E-6000 glue.

Directions for the Snowman

Take the white light bulb and hold it with the threading side down. Wrap the green felt around the threading and tie like a scarf. Use a little glue to hold in place. Cut the ends of the felt apart like a fringe, about ” in.

Glue the 2 moving eyes to the center of the bulb above. Trace and cut out the “carrot” nose from the orange foamie according to the pattern. Glue nose below eyes.

For the hat, take the piece of red felt, fold and glue the 2” edges together forming a tube. Gather one end of the tube about ” from the edge. Take the red embroidery floss and wrap around this point to hold gathers in place. Knot floss securely to hold. Trim excess floss. Snip cut the ” gathered stub. Spread apart so that it looks like a pom pom top. Fold up the other edge of the hat about ” twice. Pull hat over the top of the snowman’s head. Glue in place.

Use the Black fine tip marker and make 5 dots under the nose for the mouth. Glue pin back behind hat with E-6000 glue.

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