1 qty. Acrylic Keychain #30029192

2 qty. 4” x 4” Printed Paper

1 -2 qty. 2” x 2” solid cardstock for layering

1 qty. Photo to fit keychain

Black Dye Ink Pad

Black fine tip marker

Double stick tape #30013283

Ribbon scraps for tying onto keychain



Pencil and eraser

Sharp Scissors





Remove the center cover from the keychain. Use the round clear cover as the template for the paper since you can see through it. Place the clear cover onto one of the printed papers, moving it to the print area that you like. Use the pencil to lightly trace around the cover. Remove the cover. Use the scissors to carefully cut out the circle, cutting just inside of the line. Erase any remaining pencil lines. Repeat with the other printed paper.


Adhere the two circles together with the print sides facing out.


Draw around the photo in a shape smaller than the circle, like the heart in the sample. Adhere onto the solid cardstock. Cut around the cardstock leaving a thin border. Ink the edges of the border with the black ink pad.


Place the layered photo onto the one side of the circle and adhere. Use the black fine tip marker to write names or other sentiments. Decorate the other side of the circle as you desire, staying with flat embellishments.


Place the finished piece inside of the keychain and place the cover back on. Tie small pieces of ribbon to the top where the key ring meets.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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