Designer Purse Box

1 qty. Wooden Purse Box (SCH-290) #30096458
1 qty. 4” x 12” Printed paper
2 qty. 2 ” x 4 ” Solid Cardstock, color coordinating to printed paper
Decoupage glue #30090519 matte or 30090339 glossy or Tacky glue #77609875
Colored Elastic, color coordinate to replace original from purse
Acrylic paint for the button if you want to change the color

Pencil for tracing
Sharp Scissors
X-acto Knife #77504092
Cutting Mat #77941575
1” sponge brush for decoupage glue #10109

Optional: Mini Screwdriver set to remove button



Preparation -


 Remove the wood button by holding the inside in place while unscrewing the button top (use the mini screwdriver if needed) Paint the button with acrylic paint and sealer if you desire, let dry. Untie the elastic cording from inside of the purse and remove.


Decorating the Purse Box -


Place the printed paper in front of you with the right side down. Open up the top flap of the purse and lay it flat against the paper, aligning at least one aligning at least one side of the purse along one straight edge of the paper. Use the pencil to trace along the edge of the purse front flap. Fold the paper up along the shape of the purse front. Trace along the side edge of the purse as much as you can. Remove the purse and line up the ruler to continue drawing the line from the side edge all the way down the paper. Cut the traced design out.


Adhere the paper to the outside of the purse with the decoupage glue or a very light coating of Tacky glue spread thin. Start by matching up the curved edge of the top flap of the purse. Carefully cover the rest of the purse. When you have glued the paper all the way to the edge of the front, use the X-acto knife to cut away the excess paper along the edge. Place the front of the purse down on the cutting mat and run the blade along the purse edge to trim the paper. Use the X-acto to also trim away any excess along the curved top flap and side edges. Let the glue dry.


Trace and cut out the two side panels from cardstock according to the pattern or trace along the outside side edge. Place one on each side and glue in place.


Screw the button back into place. Replace the length of elastic with a new elastic piece, tying the knots on the inside of the purse to secure.


Decorate the purse as desired with embellishments like crystal stickers, ribbons, buttons, etc. You can make small 3” x 3” note cards with the same papers to put inside as a gift. .

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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