Doll Pin Card Holder



1 x Wooden Heart #7761 2895

Wooden Doll Pin #7767 6429

E-6000 Glue #7752 5881

1 Foam Brush #10109

Small Paintbrush

Patio Paint- your color choice


Note: Samples shown used these Patio Paint combinations:

Geranium Red #3000 0011with Cloud White #3000 0018

Fuchsia #3000 0046 with Carnation Pink #3000 0045







With the foam brush, paint the wooden doll pin with red paint. Let dry. Paint the heart with the white paint. Let dry.


Using the small paintbrush, dip the end of it into the white paint and lightly dab dots onto the red painted doll pin. Let dry. Repeat using the red paint on the white wooden heart. Let dry.


Use the E-6000 to glue the head of the doll pin to the flat topside of the wooden heart (the wooden heart will serve as the base for the cardholder stand). Let dry. Place a greeting card or photo in the between the slits of the doll pin.




2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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