Domino Necklace


One domino tile (1 1/2”x 3/4”)

One flat oval bead as wide as the domino and matching the colors used on the domino

Assorted beads (Blue Moon and Giraffe Crafts Endless Possibilities)

Silver Perm Enamel (Delta)

Clear Gloss Glaze (Delta)

Detailed stamp with lady’s head that will fit on domino tile (Magenta)

Jet black ink (StazON)

Lobster claw or toggle clasp (Blue Moon or Cousins)

Beadalon 49 strand beading wire (24”)

2 1/2”x 1 1/2” printed paper

Andirondack pigment pens in assorted colors (Ranger)

527 bond cement

Two crimp beads (Darice)



Small tip paint brush


Non-stick surface to glue on (parchment paper)

Bead crimping tool



Ink the area of the stamp you wish to print and press the domino onto it. After the ink is dry, color the design in by rubbing a wet paint brush over the tip of the pens and applying color to the domino.

Once the colors are dry, spread Clear Gloss Glaze over the top of the domino. When the glaze is dry, glue the oval bead onto the top of the domino. After the bead is secure, trace the domino with bead onto the printed paper.

Cut out the traced design and glue the paper to the back of the domino with bead. Apply Clear Gloss Glaze to printed paper that is glued to domino.

Wait until everything is completely dry before stringing domino pendant on wire.

Choosing beads that color coordinate with pendant and vary in size and shape, string them on the wire in a pleasing pattern.

Finish the necklace by stringing a crimp bead on each end of wire, stringing toggle clasp or lobster claw with tab onto the ends and then back again through the crimp bead. Tighten the wire, crimp the beads, and then restring the wire ends into the beads to hide them, cutting off the excess wire.                           

Punch out a bunch of stars from the silver glitter paper you created earlier. Glue randomly onto the tree.

Write a message inside and send out your holiday wishes.

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