Doodle Frame


Hearty clay - white #30006454 and orange #30030918
Printed cardstock paper size 5 x 7, choice of print

One photograph - size 4 x 6

Bent acrylic photo frame - size 5x 7 #77458828

1 yd 3/8 width ribbon (American Crafts) - coordinate with cardstock color

DecoColor Paint Pen - Fine tip choice of color

Stickles - crystal #30014975

Meriken double-stick tape 1/4 width #30013284

Tacky glue #77609875 

Clay metal tool #77149864


Step 1 To make Hearty clay flower: Roll white clay into 1/2-in size ball (you can use pattern below as a guide for size of ball), roll clay ball into a teardrop shape, flatten petal slightly. Use the fat end of the metal clay tool and gently press down at the center of the petal. Make 5 petals. Form 5 petals into a flower shape (see diagram below). Take the orange clay and roll into a 1/2-in size ball, place orange ball to the center of flower and gently press down the ball. Set flower aside to dry (approximately 4-8 hours). 
Flower Pattern

Step 2 Use double-stick tape to adhere photograph to the 5 x 7 printed cardstock. Slip the picture into the photo frame. 

Step 3 Tie ribbon around the photo frame at the bottom, tie a knot to secure. Refer to the picture for the position of the ribbon. 

Step 4 To make Doodles and Swirls: You may want to practice few times on a piece of paper before you begin. For best results make sure that the ink from the pen is flowing well, once you are ready start to draw doodles and swirls on the frame. Allow for the ink to dry. 

Step 5 Use tacky glue to glue the flower on the photo frame. 

Step 6 Use the Crystal stickles to trace over the doodles and swirls. Use your finger tip to rub some crystal stickles onto the clay flower petals and center, let dry. 


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