Door Hanger Favor


Glossy Cardstock Door hanger and circle tag  #7725 6578

Plastic Lollipop Bag #7765 6298

Rubberstamps – assorted

Inkpads – assorted

4” of ” satin ribbon or 12” of 1/8” satin ribbon for bow

Double stick tape #3001 3283



Bone folder #3000 3774

Tacky Glue #7760 9875


Optional:         Embossing Ink, embossing powder and 

                        Heat It tool #3001 4877

                        Pop  Up Dot #3000 1511

                        Colored markers

Small Treats



Place the door hanger with the matte side up. From the bottom straight edge, measure 3 “ up towards the circle cut-out. Mark and score that line (A).


From that line A, measure up ”. Mark and score that line (B). From that second line B, measure up ”. Mark and score that line (C).


Fold on lines A and C so that the matte sides are together. Crease fold line B in the opposite direction (glossy sides together.) This creates a small gusset. And lets the favor stand up.


Place the door hanger with the glossy side up. Choose a theme and randomly stamp your designs around the section with the circle cutout. Let dry or heat set inks if necessary. Fold up


Fill lollipop bag with treats. Tape bag close. Position bag on the inside of the folded door hanger. Use double stick tape to adhere bag to the non-cut-out side. Next, place a small strip of double stick tape on either side of the back of the cutout side. Match up the edges of the folded door hanger to adhere.


Stamp a matching design on the tag. Cut design out. Use double stick tape or a pop up dot to adhere design to the bag in the center of the cutout. Tie a small bow with the ribbon and glue or tape to the top of the favor.

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